Sadly, 3 Minute Hero disbanded for good in October of 2000. It was a wild, crazy, wonderful ride that lasted closer to 3 years than 3 minutes...and not nearly long enough. Thanks, guys, for all the fun.

Barking Dog Records released two CDs by 3 Minute Hero: bingo (1997) and everyday ninjas (1999). They are still available to purchase on our order form page.

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3 Minute Hero an eight-piece high-energy band with blazing horn section and winner of 1999 Minnesota Music Awards' "Best Ska Band." Crowds throughout the Midwest turn out in droves and dance themselves into a lather when Hero comes to town. everyday ninjas, the band's second CD release, blasts off from the very first track with its aggressive, driving rhythm section, precision horns, and their very own twist on reality. Take the Blues Brothers, Elvis (Costello & Presley), Bim Skala Bim, Dick Dale, Tom Waits and James Brown, throw them in the blender and hit "purée"-and you have the manic magic that is 3 Minute Hero.


"The area is becoming populated by ska bands, but it's doubtful any work as hard as 3 Minute Hero, who are already booked throughout the Upper Midwest this summer. Slicing and dicing ska with everything from punk to salsa music, the group's broad palette lends its music interesting dimensions and plenty of danceability."

Vickie Gilmer -- "Now Hear This," Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 1, 1998


3 Minute Hero's two releases on Barking Dog Records, bingo and everyday ninjas, have charted on college CMJ-reporting stations throughout the Midwest and sold thousands of units in the past two years.


"...3 Minute Hero paused for a moment of silence, gathered their thoughts, soaked up those last drops of adrenaline and tried to ignore the pressure of soon-to-be fans at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Then, they blew us away. From the very first notes that flew off the stage and blew out of the speakers, I knew we were in for a great show...Quarters could have bounced off of the tightly-honed music. 3 Minute Hero weaves a certain Technicolor magic."

-- Concert Review by Ben Lacina, Entertainment Editor - The Advocate, Moorhead, MN, January 1997.


3 Minute Hero stirs up a colorful gumbo of musical influences -- ska, mambo, funk, reggae, R&B, Dixieland, salsa, disco, jazz, blues, glam rock, mariachi, and surf -- resulting in a fun signature sound that has cross-over appeal yet stands quite alone. A punchy, tight horn section (two trombones, trumpet, sax), rollicking rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and occasional congas) and spirited vocals lay the foundation for the over-the-top, elbow-flailing, evangelistic rock-n-roll fervor of frontman lead singer/trombonist Jeff "JR" Nelson, formerly of Cheap Trick (lie).


"...3 Minute Hero's first appearance in Grand Forks [ND] worried me. A ska band complete with two trombones, a trumpet and a saxophone, with all of the members wearing suits...might play well in Fargo, but how would notoriously reticent Grand Forks audiences react? There should have been no worry...Toward the end of the night I found myself dancing furiously in a crowd just in front of the stage. The pal I was with, who will be known as the most cynical 24-year-old on the planet, had a tear in his eye as he watched an eclectically dressed crowd of guys and dolls dance and dance and dance.

-- Concert Review by Ian Swanson, Editor -- The High Plains Reader, Fargo/Grand Forks, ND, February 1997.

3 Minute Hero was founded in 1996 in Moorhead, Minnesota, USA and "basically consists of band geeks who have been getting up at 7 in the morning for years to practice in various high school and college bands, and rockers who have spent years playing in basements and garages drinking warm beer." 3 Minute Hero is now touring full time throughout the Midwest with occasional forays to the East Coast. They are a weekend mainstay in the major Twin Cities club scene and have been booked for major Midwestern summer festivals including Heart and Soul, Mill City Music Festival, Basilica Block Party, Cedarfest, and Bastille Festival. Their unforgettable live show, finely honed yet manic original music, and plain old Midwestern work ethic make this band bound for greatness. 3 Minute Hero makes you move--they'll turn your knees to jelly and your mind to squash.

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