3 Minute Hero and Scofflaws Bang Gong; Get It On.


This is me and a real live person from New York. His name is Sammy and he's the big cheese for the Scofflaws. They rock. If you missed this gig you should be dreadfully sad. Free macaroni & cheese, saliva, and the return of bitter-dorky-guy fever were a few of the things that you missed out on.





Jay and Buford (the latter of Scofflaw fame) strike poses. Following this photo Jay found out the hard way that one should never point at a real live person from New York. Jay is in stable condition but his sucking chest wound still smells like an overcooked Hungry Man dinner.






Buford plays the trombone. Buford wears horn rimmed glasses. Buford sings. Buford rocks the casbah. Draw your own conclusions.



Rob's love for our sound system is eclipsed only by his love of the Golden Girls and Easter-time Peep brand marshmallow candy.





Sammy (being a real live person from New York) has street smarts, but does he have the savvy and brawn to combat . . . GIRL???!!!???





Heroo Schmoozes with Hindus at Cabooze; Luging "Who's Whos" with Nothing to Lose See Through Ruse


Cabooze --Thursday, February 19. It's probably not cool to admit how long we've wanted to play here. Some people think it's not cool to kiss your pet with tongue in front of a priest either though. Check us out every Sunday in May at this fine establishment AND FOR THE LOVE OF L. RON HUBBARD -- BRING YOUR I.D.: the moonshine poe-leez lurk 'round every hedgerow and 'possum hole.



Does this picture need a caption? No.






Eric and I resemble expensive military jets taking off in formation. Fear us. You should also fear Bryce, but for reasons completely different in nature. Jason fights plaque by brushing with his ATM 1000HE microphone; Jay picks up the slack by blatently disregarding oral hygiene and *gasp* singing.

Collecting souls for the mothership.



"We're drinking because we got fired from This Old House."





Halloween with Hero

Guitarist/vocalist Jay Kalk and frontman/trombonist Jeff Nelson met one of their youngest admirers Halloween night...Keith Coates, 4-year-old son of Barking Dog Records owners Mike and Linda Coates learns the poses from the experts.


Here's Jay preparing the headpieces for our Halloween costumes -- those of you who couldn't make it to Fargo's Old Broadway last Friday night missed seeing 3 Minute Hero as an 8-piece DEVO, complete with black turtlenecks and smashing red hats. Is there no length to which we will not go for the sake of our art? Sadly, no.


Keith listens carefully to Jeff's treatise on Malt-O-Meal, comparative contemporary literature, fashionable socks, the continental origins of coffee, and how to be "fly".




Keith draws Jeff's attention to his spiffy red boots, noting that he's already on the road to cool himself, thank you very much.


Soundman Rob gives Keith a low five while trombonist Eric takes a break from setting up to take it all in...


Make sure you check our gig calendar and come out to see a show! We're adding dates just about every day, so check the schedule often. If you'd like us to come to a club or venue in your town, e-mail us or our friendly booking agent and we'll make it happen!


3 Minute Hero named region's Best Band

According to readers of the High Plains Reader, the largest alternative weekly in North Dakota with a circulation throughout the Red River Valley from the Canadian border (including Grand Forks, Fargo-Moorhead and Wahpeton) to the South Dakota border, 3 Minute Hero is the best band in the region! The High Plains Reader ran a Reader's Best Bets poll over the past several weeks asking readers for their favorites - from night spots and restaurants to sports teams and artists - and we managed to squeak out at number ONE by a mere 14 million votes! Thanks for voting and remember: don't be afraid to lie, cheat, steal, or maim to obtain your dream. It worked for us.



Two New Heroes...

Yes, they have been sweating up on stage with the rest of us for over half of a year now, and we're just now getting this damn thing updated...Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us in welcoming Trombone Man/Expert Witness Eric Johnson (left)...

   ...and Badass Drummer/Pinup Boy Jonathon TeBeest! Come on out to our next gig, offer your support, and contribute to the Nicorette/New Shoes fund...



3 Minute Hero kicks off fall tour

"I've never seen a Monday night crowd this big or with so many dancers!" "This band is fantastic!" The Fine Line in Minneapolis was the scene on Monday, August 25, as your faithful correspondents took the stage and had the full main-floor crowd on their feet skankin' up a storm. Our upcoming dates include clubs in Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota (check out our gig calendar).

Come on out, drink plenty of liquids, and join us on our quest for Midwestern dominance and the ultimate Ramen dining experience.


3 Minute Hero to Headline NACA Showcase!

October will find us hitting the road to headline the National Association of Campus Attractions conference showcase in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Bands and performing artists from all over the country compete for slots on these showcase performances at which college events programmers from Minnesota, Iowa, Manitoba, North and South Dakota pick acts for the coming year. Of the 400 bands who applied to perform at this conference, only 15 were chosen, and 3 Minute Hero was the first band chosen for a slot! Yesss!

In related Hero news, dates are firming up for our fall Midwestern tour - check our calendar daily for updates. Look for 3 Minute Hero to pull up to a club near you in our spiffy new bus - we won it as first place winners in a Battle of the Bands at Old Broadway in Fargo and custom painted to our (exacting) specifications. Contest sponsors Old Broadway, Rolling Rock Beer, and Q98 FM now have the privilege of displaying their logos on the hippest bus in the Upper Midwest.

This week 3 Minute Hero's debut CD "bingo" goes into its first repressing at Barking Dog Records - get your shiny new CD while it's fresh!




3 Minute Hero Makes a Video, Takes Three Years Off Life

Man, the price of being a rock star. In our continued quest for world domination, 3 Minute Hero filmed a 10-minute promotional video on May 27th (which dragged on into a good-sized chunk of May 28th). Your pals were held prisoner on location in an unnamed theatre/auditorium from noon until 3:30 the following morning under the crazed spell of Herr Direktor Kit Grove of KITCO Productions. On the left you see the tireless taskmaster at work setting up a shot...


    Jay Kalk lookin' good because every girl crazy for a sharp dressed man.




    The Hero Horns make love to the camera; business as usual.

     Rob Graff, Manager/Light Boy/Sexiest Member of 3MH, sugars up at midnight with hours to go...


But it will all be worth it when the snappy finished product
brings us gigs at a club near you...



Regional media piles on the kudos

    Us, us, us. It's always about us. Don't think of this as egomania gone terribly wrong (can egomania go terribly right? hmmm) just think of it as freedom of information. We have been particularly blessed by numerous press mentions and reviews since the release of our (can we say "dope"?) CD, bingo. Thanks to all and keep that ink flowing



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