Luke Helm

Luke Helm,Wizard of Keyboards and Other Weird Sounds, has been playing keyboards for "15 years, on and off" (Hey, Luke, it's hard to get any sound out when it's off...)

Last seen in "Dyed in the Wool," a Doors cover band, Luke traces his musical influences (and Manzarek-like sense of style) to Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, early R.E.M., Orb, and The Doors. Realizing he needed to CHEER UP after listening to too much of that, he caught himself saying, "yes" when Jay Kalk asked him to join 3 Minute Hero. ("Oh, yeah, and we already have three gigs lined up so can you learn your part really fast?...")

The pride of Park Rapids, Minnesota, Luke says his musical/career ambition is to be bigger than ASIA...get ready for some heartache, pal (just kidding). Trivia note - Luke is the only member of the band who doesn't sing. Like all quiet, stoic, reserved, and repressed Minnesotans, Luke knows if a man can't sing, at least he can jump up and down with gusto.




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