Jonathon TeBeest


Dubbed "ATHENS-manservant" by frontman Jeff Nelson, Jonathan notes, "I've been playing drums since I was a toddler." One of the two newest members of the band and an avid KISS fanatic ("I am obsessed") Jonathon has previously played in various cover bands and one original band for the past several years. As a Moorhead State University (Minnesota) student for two years, he explored many different styles including jazz, dixieland, and classical wind ensemble. He uses all Pearl drums and hardware, Sabian cymbals, and is in an experimental stage with sticks.

Jonathon has seven piercings and one tatoo. "What a swell guy," says bass player Jason Hoffman. "Jonathon is the tallest and most flexible," says Keyboardist Luke Helm, " in schedule-wise."

"I'm glad I'm in the band because I don't know what else I'd be doing - college wasn't for me at the time," this former saluditorian and class president recalls. He lives by one motto, "Do everything in moderation, and have respect for all."

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