Jay Kalk


In the fall of 1995, Man With A Mission and a Fender Electric Guitar Jay Kalk enlisted the help of lifelong friend and bass player Jason Hoffman to anchor the band of merry souls known as 3 Minute Hero. (Find out more about the true [really] history of the band...)

But enough about the band, you want more about Jay. You may have seen him in former bands "Sillypudgy" and "White Noise," both of which "didn't do much," Jay reports. (Kind of makes you wonder what he's going to name his kids someday, doesn't it...)

Giving up his career dream of being a professional caterer to satisfy his passionate longing for food, he is instead looking forward to starving on the road as 3 Minute Hero prepares for major touring in the fall.

Jay, as famous for his onstage string-breaking technique as his fearless and relentless promotion skills, claims to be "the only person on earth who has spent more money on guitar strings than on college tuition." Ahhh. Finally, someone who has his priorities straight.

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