Bryce Blilie

(to be read with an English accent)

A young trumpet player with a good ear but a yet to be developed style, Bryce has been slaving away at what all good players must be able to do--calm the mind. It's a bit like practicing Kung Fu. He also has been playing in various "alternative" bands for the past four or five years.

A lover of jazz, Bryce notes influences such as the Great Wynton Marsallis, Chet Baker, Roy Hargrove (for that soloist improv stuff) and is a fan of such players as Robert Bacca, and classical player Adolf Herseth. He attributes much of his knowledge (limited as it is) to his teacher and friend Kevin Kjos.

He joined the band having absolutely no idea as to what ska was, and just wanted to play trumpet in a band. He caught wind of 3 Minute Hero starting up again and asked to play...the rest is history.

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