personal history...

Pat Ahlschlager is a contemporary Christian recording artist from Northern Minnesota whose debut CD, Humble Hands, is self-released on Guinea Hen Productions. Recorded in Fargo at Raptor Studios, the album is a lovely collection of originals encompassing a wide range of musical styles from pop and and country to jazz and folk. Pat Ahlschlager combines a commitment to music, service to her church, a career in health care, and love for family, friends and the outdoors into a rich and fulfilling life, reflected beautifully in the songs she writes and performs.


In 1993, Pat joined with family and friends to form the Northern Light Band and spent the next four years with this group writing music and performing together. Pat recalls, "It was my privilege to work with Lisa Denzel who is a gifted musician and performer." Lisa co-wrote several songs which eventually were recorded as part of the Humble Hands album. Members of the original Northern Light Band (left to right): Pat's daughter Jessie Ahlschlager, Pat, Craig Sem, Lisa Denzel, and Steve Ahlschlager (not pictured), who has been a dedicated sound man and all-around supportive presence. After drummer Craig left for college, Mike Guck joined the group for a short time and also provided the use of his drums for this recording project. The group performed many times throughout the area, earning positive press coverage from regional newspapers and church publications.

For the past thirteen years, Pat has been liturgy coordinator and adult choir director at St. James Catholic Church in Underwood, Minnesota. Pat has also been the principal organizer and director for the annual Advent Ecumenical Festival for the past eleven years -- this event involves several regional churches and a massed 60-voice choir. For many years Pat has sung for weddings, funerals, church dedications and retreats, including TEC and KOINONIA retreat programs. She is also adult advisor and director of The James Gang, the youth program of the St. James Catholic Church.

Pat's professional health career spans 23 years as a registered nurse. For the past fifteen years she has been on staff of the Lake Region Healthcare Corporation in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, currently in the emergency department.


fun stuff...

Steve and Pat Ahlschlager, together with many supportive family members and friends, built their dream home in rural lake-country Minnesota with their own hands. This house has been the scene of many a rehearsal (right) and fun gathering.



It is also home to several members of Pat's newest hobby "family" -- exotic fowl! Beautifully colored chickens (left), roosters and turkeys of all breeds and sizes roam freely over a large patch of land, sheltered by husband/engineer Steve's meticulously designed henhouse.








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