NOMINATED FOR "My Texas Music" FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR in January 2003, just five months after moving to Texas!

With Country, Roots, Bluegrass, and a twang that is more Dallas than Dakota, more Frio than Fargo, Brennen Leigh is a welcome addition to Texas music! (Featured Artist review,, 1/13/03)

Brennen Leigh, another in a string of extraordinarily talented young women from the high plains of Fargo-Moorhead, has emerged as an authoritative voice of eclectic roots music. Hearing her perform live is to be treated to an unconventional assortment of styles ranging from bluegrass dazzlers, country & western heartbreakers, raw Mississippi Delta blues, Appalachian mountain songs, Irish folk ballads, Texas swing tunes and a sprinkling of well-crafted originals.

Accompanied by her brother Seth Hulbert on guitar and harmony vocals, Brennen plays mandolin as her main instrument and occasionally works harmonica, Ozark harp and Irish tin whistle into her songs.

A passionate 18-year-old with long auburn hair and penetrating eyes, Brennen Leigh Hulbert growls, yodels and purrs like a young Tanya Tucker channeling the ghost of Hank Williams. (Sarah Henning, The Forum, 1/6/02)

Brennen gained her first professional experience as a 15-year-old singing in a blues-rock ensemble -- usually for several hours in front of an often unforgiving bar crowd. In the years since then she has found a niche in a wide variety of venues from bars and coffeehouses to colleges and outdoor festivals.

Although Brennen is steeped in the honest, heartfelt sounds of Appalachian bluegrass, Hank Williams' pain songs and the genuine country music of the rural South, she adds something new and fresh to the hallowed traditions with her original songs which are written in an american-roots style but evoke vivid images of a life spent on the winter-swept plains near the Canadian border. Like contemporary americana artists Steve Earle, Greg Brown and Lucinda Williams, Brennen Leigh makes her own compelling contribution to a treasured musical tradition.

Brennen devotes all her energies to music, performing in wildly diverse venues from Florida honkytonks and Winnipeg biker bars to Minnesota coffeehouses, colleges and folk festivals.

In September 2002, Brennen and Seth moved from the upper Midwest to San Marcos, Texas, where they immediately began performing full time throughout the Austin/San Marcos region.

Brennen's debut recording on Barking Dog Records, Lonesome, Wild & Blue was released May 2002. Check Brennen's own website for performance dates.

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